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Red Panda by Andrew Hefter on Flickr.

lmaoits420somewhere asked: Do you SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!? *Drops The Bass*


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Anonymous asked: Growing up in a family like that has its really tough times but bae its only gonna make u have a bigger heart and never want to put your loved ones thru it themselves. I know what its like an u just gotta live for the good moments. Fam is important:)

Thank you! I needed to hear that :)

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#persiancat on ig by

Black cats are the best cats
23. April 2014

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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sunnysunfl0wers asked: D

Hardest thing I’ve been through

I went through a pretty intense depression in my life most of 2013. I was miserable.


When my boyfriend got hit by a van and he was bloody on a stretcher and they wouldn’t let me ride in the ambulance and I didn’t know if he was okay.


The pain after getting wisdom teeth + 2 adult teeth removed in surgery.

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